1472061_10202099918693947_1208596946_nTwoRows Classic Grill takes its name from a variety of barley. A common cereal grain around the world, barley is also used in the production of beer and other distilled beverages. Spikelets at the top of the barley shaft feature either two rows or six rows of grain seeds. The two-row variety has lower protein content than six-row barleys and, thus, is more fermentable.

From the day we in May 1995 as one of Dallas’ first restaurants featuring handcrafted ales, we have offered customers a unique one-on-one service experience. Family-owned TwoRows Classic Grill combines savory edibles made from scratch in a casual dining and imbibing environment.

TwoRows Catering Company exports selected menu favorites, unique catering creations, and excellent service to your home, office, church, or special event venue. Please request a quote or contact us for more information!

Baine and Juli Brooks